Railways around Peterborough and The National Rail Network & Heritage railways in the UK
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UK National railway


The Midland Railway Butterley

Signal boxes in 2005         ( page 4 of 4 )

Midland Railway Butterley

Heritage Railways


Linby Station and Linby Colliery Sidings signal boxes

Linby Station signal box at The Midland Centre

Linby Station signal box does not work any trains, but is is open to the public. It has a rebuilt brick base. There is a  new name of Brands Crossing which is taken from the name of the Colliery on the site were Swanwick Junction site is today

Linby Station signal box

There is a crossing gates wheel in this box, which it is hoped can some time be made to work a set of gates for the public to open.


Linby Colliery Sidding box.

Linby Colliery Sidding box.


This box is on the platform a Swanwick Junction. The lever frame has been taken out (saved) and is now a book shop.


As the name says this railway is all about the Midland Railway. Its main site is at Swanwick Junction, were it has a large collection of steam and diesel locomotives and about four or five signal boxes,and all sorts of bits and bobs.

List of the Signal Boxes on this site
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Class 5 73129 on train and Midland 2-4-0 158A on Display


Castle Donington Power Station no1 ...Horse Van M42608


Class 31 108 .... Class 37314


Class EM2 on display in the Matthew Kirtley Exhibition Hall.


British Railways  Class 02 and 03


SPT 101 692 ... Boots No.2 P.N. 8292...Class 20 001


Signal Boxes

Swanwick Junction signal box

Butterley CF signal box

Hammersmith signal box

Linby Station and Linby Colliery Sidings signal boxes