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ACORP Railway Festival
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The ACORP Community Railway Festival in 2005

Electric locomotives

Anglia class 86235

Anglia class 86235 at  Norwich Station in 2005.

Anglia class 86235 at The National Community Rail Festival at Norwich station in 2005

What became the class 86s were called AL6s  its first British Railways classification. This loco had the number E3194, later to became class 86235. The 86s runs on the 25K AC, with a top speed of 100 to 110MPH.

"One" had 15 of these class 86s which were used with mark 2 carrages and a DBSO at the Norwich end. In 1998 Anglia Railways introduced their livery of turquoise with a central white stripe with the name "Anglia" as the class 86235 is above. This loco has been been named "Crown Point" after the large depot near the station.

This class 86 was used on the "Anglian Class 86 Fair Well Tour" with 86235 on the 1st November in 2004.

The last use of class 86s on every day passenger trains by "One" was with this locomotive on a few Norwich to  London passenger trains on the 17th September 2005,  just seven days be for this photo was taken on the 24th September 2005.

This locomotive is now stored at Long Marston (2010)

Class 84001

Class 84001

Class 84001 at The National Community Rail Festival at Norwich station in 2005.

Ten of these  locomotives were built between 1960 and 1961 at the North British Locomotive Company in Glasgow and were called AL4  by British Railways. This loco had the number E3036, later to become class 84001. 

The AL4s (class 84) 25 KV AC electric locomotives were numbered E3036 - E3045 (84001-84010 and were built to run on the West Coast Main Line. These were of the Bo-Bo type with a top speed of 100MPH.

All was not right with the mercury-arc rectifiers on this class and this loco was returned to GEC the rectifiers makers. The rest of the class were soon also out of use all awaiting a cure.

The locos were returned to traffic, but in 1967 these AL4 and also the AL3s were put in store. Again some sort of repair was done and the locos returned to traffic. This was not the end as another rebuild was undertaken in 1971 and 1972 when the ten AL4 became class 84s.

The class was withdrawn between 1977 and 1980 as all of repairs and time out of use had not sorted out all the underlying faults with these locos. 

Class 84001 was the only locomotive of the ten now saved and is now pat of the national collection at York .  Class 84001 is on loan to The AC locomotive Group, and has been at the Barrow Hill Engine shed.  

 Photo below is of one of the other class 84s at work on the WCML in British Railways days.

Class 84 at Rugby in BR days

 Class 84002 on a up freight at Rugby on the WCML

This locomotive 84002 (E3037) was scrapped in 1980.


Class 73138.

Class 73138 at the ACoRP display at Norwich Station

Class 73138 at the ACoRP display at Norwich Station 23/9/2005..

Class 73s were not normally seen in Norwich in BR days as they were made for the 650-750 volt DC third rail network in southern England. They ran for most of there time taking power from the third rail, but they have a small by railway standards 600hp diesel engine to generate power for the traction motors, when no third rail is available.

49 locomotives of class JA and JB were built in two lots. Six locomotives of Class JA being built in 1962 at the British Railways Eastleigh Works , these were numbered E6001 to E6006. Under the TOPS renumbering, these first six were to be given class 72, to mark them out from the second  batch (Class JB), which were not quite the same.  In the end they became class 73/0 with the numbers  73101 to 73006.

The 2nd batch Class JB, were built by The Vulcan Foundry from 1965 to 1967. These were numbered as E6007 to E6049. Under the TOPS  renumbering they became 73/1 with the numbers 73101 to 73142. One of this 2nd batch never got a TOPS  number, this was E6027, it had been involved in some sort of accident and had been withdrawn.

Class 37138

Class 73138 had been bought by two members of the The AC locomotive Group which saves AC locomotives. This seems strange as it runs on 650-750 volt DC third rail not AC overhead wires. 

73138 was restored around 2003 to 2004, which is why it looks so smart at this event in Norwich in 2005. It also went to the Crewe Open day and to some Diesel Days around the UK and was at based at Barrow Hill Shed be for going to Long Marston were it was in store or shunting stock till around 2010 before being sold to Network Rail I think.

Class 73138 at the ACoRP display at Norwich Station 2005

Class 73138 at the ACoRP display at Norwich Station 

National Community Rail Festival
The first national Community Rail Festival was backed by ACoRP, ONE and Norfolk County Council, RailFest 2005 ran from Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th September in 2005, in and around Norwich station and along the two Community Rail lines.
It aim was to celebrate the success in developing local railway lines across the UK.
Norfolk was chosen because of its two community rail partnerships The Bittern Line and the Wherry Lines.
The organisers put on a display of modern traction hoping to spell out the social and environmental benefits that railways can bring to the UK as a whole.
Norfolk was chosen because of its two community rail partnerships, The Bittern Line that runs between Norwich and Sheringham had in the eight years up to 2005, a 192 percent  growth in its passenger journeys. The Wherry Lines that run between Norwich and Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft had also improved.
A rail tour ran into Norwich from London using Cotswold Rail Class 87007 working with a class 87019 locomotive named after the ACoRP
Just some of the things going on when I went to Norwich station on the Saturday, were Morris dancing, stalls giving out leaflets and lots of other events held in and around the station and along the two Community Rail lines .
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