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UK National railway

LNER A4 4464 Bittern at Peterborough 17th June 2013


Heritage Railways

 A4 no.4464 Bittern in LNER blue
A4 4-6-2 no.4464 Bittern in LNER blue is coming slowly into platform 2 at Peterborough on 17th June 2013 with "The Cathedrals Express to Scotland" (This was day 4 of 4 days). This train had come from Edinburgh. It was heading for London Kings Cross. The first leg had been behind another A4 no 60009 from Edinburgh to York were Bittern took over.
Tornado in platform 4 THE ELIZABETHAN
Tornado in platform 4 THE ELIZABETHAN was from London Kings Cross to Edinburgh on the 11th June 2013 with 60163 from Kings Cross to Edinburgh.
Work is still ongoing on trhe new platform 3 on the up fast to the left.
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