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UK National railway

 A1 60163 Tornado 12th April 2014 at Peterborough

Heritage Railways

 A1 4-6-2 no.60163 Tornado in platform 4 at Peterborough on 4th April 2014
A1 4-6-2 no.60163 Tornado in platform 4 at Peterborough on 12th April 2014 with the "White Rose". It was heading for York. Tornado was painted in British Railways blue with the early British railways logo on its tender.
This LNER Peppercorn Class A1 number 60163 Tornado is a new build locomotive. It was built by the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust at Darlington and was only completed in 2008.
All the A1s went under the cutters torch befor any could be saved. 60163 is the next number that would have been built.
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