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About the station

The outside of Stamford station

The outside of Stamford station

The town of Stamford was on the main A1 road and was a very important town be for the railway came. The A1 now goes around the town . The Midland railway from Peterborough to Leicester is still open. The GNR main ECML line is a few miles to the north of the town. The fine stone station building at Stamford is now used as a railway book shop.

The station car park is to the right of the station in the photo above. Houses have been built on was was warehouses and the station goods yard. You might find in difficult to find the station now, as you have to go though a new housing estate to get to the station.

This stone station is far better than some of the 1960s modern monstrosity's that have replaced some stations, even though all the station is not all used by the traversing public

Stamford station in 2005

Stamford station in 2005

The station at Stamford has changed very little, which is nice as it would be a shame if this stone building had been disfigured or even pulled down. This station must be grade one listed, I hope. Most of the station building is now a book shop, and a railway book shop to boot! Which means I bought yet another railway book when I took this photo.

Passengers for the railway use the entrance on the side of the station building. A talking help line is placed near to this entrance and the timetables. There were no TV real time timetables when took this photo in 2005. There was a message speaker which when pressed, did tell passengers that their train was running a little late. I am not to keen on the lights on the station, these look out of place, but perhaps today, the level of light from these, is needed for the CTV cameras. All in though full marks for not losing the charm of this station.

 Canopy and waiting room at Stamford station

This wooden station canopy on platform 2 is still in use in (2009) photo taken in 2002. How much better this is, than a bus shelter, that have replaced buildings like this in many a stations up and down the country, in the 1960s and 1970s.

Behind the canopy trees and bushes now fill what was the platform for Uppingham branch line.

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 Stamford 2002
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