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East Midlands Trains class 222 012 on the up fast at Wellingborough in 2011
East Midlands Trains class 222 012 on the up fast at Wellingborough in 2011
Wellingborough Station in 2003
The Midland station at Wellingborough in 2003 . The two fast lines platforms are numbered 1 and 2 and are used for though and stopping passenger trains
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Wellingborough Station
There is now only one slow line which is used both ways. It is now normally only used by freight, although it runs though the old down slow platform no.3. The old up slow platform (4?) is out of use with no track in place or assess from the footbridge.
The station at Wellingborough is on the Midland Main Line from London to Sheffield. Like other stations on the Midland Main Line there are next train panels giving the present time and when the next train on that platform is due.
Wellingborough station was built in 1857 by the Midland Railway. It was called Wellingborough Midland Road. There was already a station in Wellingborough on the Peterborough to Northampton railway of the LNWR this was called Wellingborogh London Road. London Road station closed in 1966.  The two stations were linked by a curve off the mainline. There was a bay platform for trains to Northampton.
The Midland name part of the stations name, was removed after the other station closed. It is now called just, Wellingborough.
To save money one of the slow lines was removed in the 1980s. The remaining track was then signaled both ways. There is talk of puting the removed slow line back.
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