CorbyEast Midlands Trains Class 222 012 at the New Corby station in 2010


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East Midlands Trains class 222 012 at the New Corby station in 2010

 East Midlands Trains class 222 012 at the New Corby station in 2010

The old Station at Corby

The old Corby station was closed in 1966, only to re open for a few years between 1987 and 1990 with a DMU running between Kettering and Corby.

In the early 1980s British Steel closed the steel works in Corby . This was the towns main employer. Corby town was built around the BSC works. It is no wonder that the railway station did not keep open, as Corby, had one of the highest unemployment rates in eastern England. The railway station could not have reopened at a worst time

Much work has gone into finding replacement jobs, in Corby since the 1980s. Many new houses have been built and new factories opened. A railway station was needed with people having to go to Kettering to commute to London.

A  Railway bus service has run between Corby and Peterborough for many years

Corby had become one, if not the biggest town with out a railway station in England. Some frieght sill used the railway line between Kettering Corby and Mainton junction.

The New station at Corby

The New Station at Corby

Plans for a new station were passed in 2007. On 23rd February 2009 the station was reopened. There is only one track though the station with a new platform. The old down platform is not used.

When the station first opened East Midland Trains had not been given the Class 222s that Hull trains had been using. Because Hull Trains had not got the class 180s to replace the 222 that EMT were going to need to run this service. All this seems odd, but that's the way we run railways today

The first few weeks till 27th of April saw only a single return train each day after 27th April, when the 222 had been transferred to East Midlands Trains, the full hourly train  began.

My visit to Corby in 2010

 I went to Corby station mid week during the day. The station has a good sized large car park and taxi rank and a bus interchange. The car park was not full, but was big (some large stations have smaller car parks) which will give room for expansion as people get used to using the train again.

The new building at Corby is clean and fit for its use. The staff were helfull.

When the train came in quite a few people got off, with more people waiting to get on the train. It was off peak when I went and I have not yet been at peak times, so do not know how many use the peak services.

The trains run every hour during the day.These trains terminates at Corby station and returns to London after a short stop here.

Next Page  is Corby

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