Cromer Station
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Cromer station
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About the station
One class 156416 with a train to Norwich at Cromer station in 2006.
One class 156416 with a train to Norwich at Cromer station in 2006
"Cromer" railway station now has just two platforms with all trains between Norwich and Sheringham both ways, having to reverse in this station. Most of the station yard was sold off to the supermarket, which was built along side the platforms in 1991. The main station building was also sold and is now a pub.
Stations at Cromer
Todays Cromer railway station was the second railway station to be opened in Cromer. It was opened in 1887 as "Cromer Beach" by the Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway.
The first station that was at Cromer was "Cromer High" which was opened in 1877 by the Great Eastern Railway.
In 1923 another small station was opened in Cromer on the line to Mudesley and North Walsham from Cromer this was called "Cromer Links Halt"  near to the golf club. This station closed in 1953.
In 1954 "Cromer High" was closed to passengers and its passenger trains transferred to "Cromer Beach" station.
As there was now just one station in Cromer the "Beach" was dropped and  "Cromer" is now the name used.
A new station with one platform named "Rouhton Road" was opened in 1985 on the line from Cromer to Norwich not far from were Cromer High was on the outskirts of Cromer.
Greater Anglia class 156409 in Cromer station
Greater Anglia class 156409 in Cromer station on the 6th of Apirl 2019 with a train which was only from and to Norwich.
Replacement buses were being used between Cromer and Sherringham stations .While Sherringham station was being rebuilt with longer platforms.
Bittern Line
The Bittern Line is a Community Railway Partnership that supports and publicises the railway from Sheringham to Cromer and Norwich. This Partnership was formed by Norfolk County Council and the then local railway company back in 1997. The line has got busier and trains now run every hour at peak times and can be very full on Saturdays when the NNR has a big day and holiday makers are going to the seaside at Sheringham and Cromer. Passengers also go shopping at Norwich. The Community Railway Partnership has not only kept the line open, but got more passengers and trains running.
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Sheringham Mainline railway station BR

Class 156s at Sheringham mainline station

B1 61264 at Sherringham Mainline Station

Work on a New platform at main line station

 (The North Norfolk railway )


One class 156416 at Cromer station

B1 61264 at Cromer station

Cromer Yard (signal) Box


Norwich railway station

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