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B1 61264 with the Cromer Dido train from Norwich to Sheringham at Cromer station in 2006.

B1 61264 with the "Cromer Dido" train from Norwich to Sheringham at Cromer station in 2006.

The train above was the "Cromer Dido" on Sunday the 30th April. This train had started at Norwich and had come into Cromer station. From Norwich to Cromer class 33025 had been in charge with the B1 in the rear.

After waiting for the normal "ONE" class 156 service train from Sheringham to use the other platform at Cromer and head for Norwich the "Cromer Dito" could head for Sheringham with this LNER B1 steam locomotive in charge and the class 33025 in the rear.

There are just two Thompson B1s saved. This one 61264 is painted in British Railways black was built for the LNER by The North British Locomotive Company in 1947 . 

After many years of service it was withdrawn in 1965, when it was transferred to departmental stock, and used as an mobile boiler for heating carriages, were it had the number 29. In July 1968 after being stored for a year, it was sold for scrap and ended up at Barry scrap yard.

It was rescued from Barry in 1973 becoming the 83rd locomotive to leave there. Today (2011) an ten year overhaul is being done at LNWR Crewe.

The only other B1 to be  saved was built by BR and is number 61036,  which is painted in LNER green and has been given the name "Mayflower"and has been at the Nene Valley Railway for a number of years.

Cromer signal box


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"Bittern Line"

To days Cromer railway station is now part of the Bittern Line. The Bittern Line is a Community Railway Partnership that supports and publicises the railway from Sheringham to Cromer and to Norwich. This Partnership was formed by Norfolk County Council and the then local railway company back in 1997. The line has got busier and trains now run every hour at peak times and can be very full on Saturdays when the NNR has a big day and holiday makers are going to the seaside at Sheringham and Cromer. Passengers also go shopping at Norwich and to the football. The Community Railway Partnership has not only kept the line open but has got more passengers and trains running.

Cromer signal box

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One class 156416 at Cromer station

Class 33025 at Cromer station

B1 61264 at Cromer station

Cromer Yard (signal) Box



Sheringham Mainline railway station BR

Class 156s at Sheringham mainline station

B1 61264 at Sherringham Mainline Station

 (The North Norfolk railway )



Norwich station