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'Wood Croft level Crossing'
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Woodcroft level crossing just to the south of Helpston      

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 Woodcroft level crosing

This Woodcroft level crosing is just to south of Helpston

This crosing goes across both the East Coast Main line and the Leicester to Peterborough line.

This quite B road has a small hut to the left of the photo with a man who comes out to open the gates when you ring the bell. This is one of the last gated crossing on a busy main line like the ECML with an attendant crossing keeper.  Like other gates along this part of the line it can be a long wait. There were two sets of gates and two gatekeepers houses here.

There used to be  another level crossing at Holme Fen on the ECML south of Peterborough with an attendant crossing keeper who had a small wooden garden shed. Those gates was replaced with CTV controled lifting barriers a number of years ago as was the one up the line a Werrington. 

There was a GNR footbridge at Woodcroft crossing but it was just over the ECML. This was taken down for the overhead wires

Helpston is a village on the The East Coast Main Line main line just to the north of Peterborough. The ECML runs from London to Edinburgh. The G.N.R and then the L.N.E.R used to run this line be for BR. This line has now been electrified, and is one of the top railways in the U.K.  

GNER took over the Inter City trains from London to Scotland and Leeds previously run by BR. Then from December 2007 National Express took over these services. Then East Coast took over run by the goverment. Virgin East Coast took over and now 2020 LNER now runs these trains back in goverment hands again.

Also at Helpston the Peterborough to Leicester line which has run along side the ECML since Peterborough station heads westwards towards Stamford and away from ECML north of the village. This line runs to the rear of the GNR signal box.

The ECML down slow has used the Leicester line down line from Peterborough to Helpston be for then rejoining the ECML in front of the signal box. There are over head wires on the Leicester line down line only up to Helpston.

There was a Helpston station only on the Midland railway Leicester line here which is now closed. 

Pages at Helpston and Loham


 Leicester to Peterborough line North of Helpston at Lolham crossing

Oliver Cromwell on The Peak Forester on Sunday 29th May 2012 
Tornado with a steam movement on 10th April from the NVR in 2012
Helpston signal box This Page
Closed GNR gate box at Maxey road
Loham Level Crossing East Coast Main Line
GNER class 91s on 10th August 2007 at Lolham level crossing
A4 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley 28th November 2009 at Lolham level crossing
Bittern on The Talisman 1st March in 2008 at Lolham level crossing
Union of South Africa 60009 at Lolham crossing in July 2008
Tornado day 1 of The Cathedrals Explorer 18th May ECML Helpston 2012 
Tornado on The Cathedrals Express 30th of June in 2012, at Lolham crossing 
  Woodcroft level Crosing
Woodcroft level crossing to south of Helpston
Woodcroft level crosing in BR days  

 Large List  of steam at Peterborough 

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