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The Peterborough part of this site is in now in three parts BR 1970 to 1999 and 2000 till 2014 and 2014 till today

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Tornado with a steam movement

Video of Tornado and its surport coach with a steam movement from the NVR in 2012

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This video can be in seen in 720 HD for those of you who have a fast conection. For those of you who have a faster conection the 1080HD setting can also be used, but this all but a pipe dream for most of us. Hopfully we shall all soon have a very fast conection!

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LNER A1 Class 4-6-2 no 60163 Tornado (the new build locomotive)  just to the north of Helpston on the Peterborough to Leicester railway line with a steam movement from the Nene Valley Railway to Barrow Hill Engine shed on Tuesday 10th of April 2010. There are also two class 66s on freights at the level crossing just off the B1443 on the West Deeping road here.

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Helpston is a village on the The East Coast Main Line main line just to the north of Peterborough. The ECML runs from London to Edinburgh. The G.N.R and then the L.N.E.R used to run this line be for BR. This line has now been electrified, and is one of the top railways in the U.K. GNER took over the Inter City trains from London to Scotland and Leeds previously run by BR. Then from December 2007 National Express took over these services. Today East Coast now runs these trains.

Also at Helpston the Peterborough to Leicester line which has run along side the ECML since Peterborough station heads westwards towards Stamford and away from ECML at the north of the village. This line runs to the rear of the GNR signal box.

The ECML down slow has used the Leicester line down line from Peterborough to Helpston be for then rejoining the ECML in front of the signal box. There are over head wires on the Leicester line down line only up to Helpston.

There was a Helpston station only on the Midland railway Leicester line here which is now closed.

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This website is on railways This page is on Peterborough. The site is not just on trains but all things railways, with photos, which I have taken from the 1970s till now. I take photos of all things railways, steam diesel and electric trains, signal boxes, wagons any thing that is on the National Rail network, which was BR when I started taken photos.

This Page is about Peterboroughs railways at Helpston village

Today EWS, East Coast, Great Northern and Hull trains are just some of the names on the trains. These names keep changing, but that means I have to keep taking photos. I also take photos of preserved railways with steam diesel and electric trains.There is lots more to add and I keep taking More!