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Some of the platforms numbers changed in 2014
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LNER 4464 Bittern  with The Great Britain V
LNER 4464 Bittern just after the water stop with "The Great Britain V" at Holme on the ECML


Mainline steam at Helpston on the ECML

Tornado on The Cathedrals Express Saturday the 30th of June 2012, at Lolham
LNER A1 Class 4-6-2 60163 Tornado (day 1) The Cathedrals Explorer 2012

Tornado north of Helpston with a steam movement 10th April 2010


Bittern on The Talisman on Saturday the 1st March in 2008, at Lolham


A4 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley on Saturday 28th November 2009 at Lolham 


Mainline steam at Holme on the ECML


A1 Tornado on The Talisman 7th February 2009


B1 61264 on The Londoner 27th March 2004

  Battle of Britain 34067 Tangmere at Holme in 2008

Mainline steam at Conington on the ECML

  A4 60019 Bittern 12th April 2008
  A1 60163 Tornado at Conington in 2009
  A4 4-6-2 60019 Bittern in 2010 
  A4 4-6-2 number 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley in 2010
  LMS 4-6-2 46201 Princess Elizabeth in 2011


LNER A4 4-6-2 4492 Dominion of New Zealand in 2011


LNER A4 4-6-2 4464 Bittern in April 2012


Oliver Cromwell Lincoln Imp Saturday 14th July 2012 

Mainline steam at Abbots Ripton on ECML

LMS Coronation class at Abbots Ripton in LMS red in 2006


Black 5 at Abbots Ripton


LMS Coronatin class at Abbots Ripton in black in 2010


A4 4-6-2 number 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley 27th November 2010

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Mainline Steam at March

video 60163 Tornado Cathedral Express Friday 21st June at March ECS   HD
video 60163 Tornado Cathedral Express Tuesday 25th June at March ECS  HD
  Cathedrals Express from Alresford to Ely Thursday 7th June 2012


Britannia Cathedrals Express at March ECS on the 11th September 2012


70000 Britannia in black at March 2011


4-6-2 60163 Tornado at March 2011


Black 5 45305 at March 2011


A4 Dominion of New Zealand at March 15th December 2011


Mainline steam on the Peterborough to Leicester line


GWR 4965 Rood Ashton Hall 25th August 2003 at Melton Mowbray


5690 Leander 45305 Alderman Draper at Melton Mowbray 26 June 2005


GWR 4953 Pitchford Hall with 47580 Melton Mowbray 31st August 2009


GWR 4953 Pitchford Hall at Langham 31st August 2009


70013 Between Manton Junction and Oakham 9th May 2009

video 6201 Princess Elizabeth The Cathedrals Explorer (Day 8) at Langham 25th May 2012

Mainline steam Peterborough to March Line 


A4 Union of South Africa  at Whittlesea in July 2008


LMS Class 7P 46115 Scots Guardsman at Whittlesea

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More Mainline steam 

video Tangmere 34067 with the return leg of the Fenman at Littleport on the 25th May 2013 HD
video LMS Jubilee 45699 Galatea at Kings Lynn with a private charter Sunday 19th May 2013 HD

60163 Tornado  and 70013 Oliver Cromwell at Hitchin 2009




B1 61264 at Sheringham Mainline station 2006


B1 61264 at Cromer station in 2006


A4 Sir Nigel Gresley York May 2008


A3 Flying Scotsman York station in 2004


A4 Sir Nigel Gresley Doncaster station in 2008


Wymondham 23rd June 2012    9466 and Tangmere 

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Mainline steam at Lincoln

GWR Hall Class 4-6-0 no 4965 Rood Ashton Hall 2007

LNER A4 60019 Bittern in Lincoln station in 2008

LNER A4 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley Lincoln station 2008


Pages on Mainline steam at Peterborough station

A4 60009 Union of South Africa into Peterborough
A4 4492 Dominion of New Zealand Peterborough 16th April 2011
LNER V2 2-6-2 Green Arrow at Peterborough 2003
LMS Princess Class 4-6-2 46201 "Princess Elizabeth"
A4 Union of South Africa 2003+ 71000 Duke of Gloucester 2005  + class 5 73096 in 2003
70013 Oliver Cromwell 3rd March 2012
Duchess of Sutherland LMS Coronation 4-6-2 6233 in Westwood Yard in red
60163 Tornado 29th March 2012 at Peterborough
34067 Tanmere was being watered and serviced in Westwood Yard in 2004
Tornado on Wednesday 4th April 2012 at Peterborough
A4 60019 Bittern in platform 4 + 70013 into platform 2 at Peterborough in 2009
LNER class A4 4-6-2 4464 Bittern 17-6-2013 at Peterborough
A1 60163 Tornado Platform 4 at Peterborough in 2009 
A4 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley at Peterborough 6th March and the 29th of March 2014 
Duchess of Sutherland 6233 at in Westwood Yard in black
A1 60163 Tornado at Peterborough 12-4-2014
Scots Guardsman 46115 on fast lines at Peterborough in 2010
A4 60009 Union of South Africa 22-5-2014 and 25-10-2014
60163 Tornado  on Monday 16th August 2010 at Peterborough.  
LNER class A4 no.4464 Bittern at Peterborough on 4-12-2014 and the 30-12-2014
LNER class A4 4-6-2 60019 Bittern twin tenders 30-9-2010
B1 61306 Mayflower at Peterborough on Thursday 3rd of Febuary in 2015
A1 60163 Tornado Peterborough station 25th November 2010
Tornado 60163 at Peterborough 7th September 2015 and 26th of September
"The Cathedrals Express" SR Light Pacific 4-6-2 34067 Tangmere April 2011
Duchess of Sutherland in platform 4 at Peterborough on 31-10-2015 


For any one who came to this page of my site looking for details of all  the main line steam in the UK  the best site to look in 2015  is http://www.uksteam.info/tours/trs15.htm
( You change the year on there site)
Most steam fans will know this already.   uksteam.info has got to be one of the best railway web sites in the uk. Times are put up when or if they get them. You even get the link to real time: times. Keep up the good work and well done.


This website is Ukrailways1970tilltoday.me.uk it is a webe site on railways, but it is not just on trains, but all things railways, with photos, which I have taken from the 1970s till now. I take photos of all things railways, steam diesel and electric trains, signal boxes, wagons any thing that is on the National Rail network, which was BR when I started taken photos.

Today EWS, East Coast, Central trains and EWS are just some of the names on the trains. The name on the train does not mean, thats whos train it is these days. These names keep changing, but that means I have to keep taking photos. I also take photos of preserved railways with steam diesel and electric trains.There is lots more to add and I keep taking More!