Murrow West signal box on the March to Spalding Railway line


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Murrow West signal box

The closed March To Spalding railway line

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 Murrow West signal box

 Murrow West signal box .

 This photo was taken while Great Eastern and Great Norther Joint Line (GN&GEJR) to Spalding line from March was open.
Murrow West signal box from the rear

Murrow West signal box from the rear

This signal box was closed after the March to Spalding line closed in 1982 

Murrow is set in the heart of the Fens 6 miles from March. It would think it self pleased with one railway but it had two. Each line had it own station which for somewhere in the middle of nowhere is remarkable. The GN&GEJR March to Spalding line ran south to north its station was Murrow West. The M&GNJR Peterborough to Sutton Bridge line ran west to east its station was called Murrrow East.

Like Newark these lines crossed on the flat. With not a hill in sight it made sense. All was well till to on the 26th November 1925 when frost jammed a signal on the M&GN line and a freight train ran into a freight that was on the Great northern and Great Eastern joint line. The crossing was right next to the signal box. The old box was destroyed and a new signal box, the one in the photo above, had to be built to replace it.

When the M&GN was closed, bricks from the Dogsthorpe and Eye brick works were still move by rail and this meant that the part of the M&GN line from Murrow to Dogthorpe was still needed. As part of the line the line from Peterborough to Dogsthorpe was to be closed along with the bridge over the ECML at New England .

It was decided to keep the part of the M&GN from Murrow to Dogthorpe brick works open and put in a new spur behind the signal box at Murrow from the March direction to the M&GN line . This opened on 2nd January 1961 and allowed these brick trains to gain access to the Whitemore yard. The part of the M&GN line to Wisech North was also kept open. Both these lines were closed by around 1966.

Part of the A47 road in Peterborough and the bridge over the ECML is now on the old Mildand and Great Northern track bed.

Class 31 a Murrow

A class 31 on a passenger train coming past the signal box at Murrow

The signal box at Murrow has been saved and is now in some ones garden, which must have been part of the old track bed.

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The Great Eastern and Great Northern Joint Line (GN&GEJR) railway line from March to Spalding ran acoss open flat the fens. The line closed in 1982. 

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