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The March to Spalding Railway
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'Postland Signal Box'
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This Railway Line closed in 1982
Postland signal box
Postland signal box and one of the two crossing gates.
This photo was taken while Great Eastern and Great Norther Joint Line (GN&GEJR) to Spalding line from March was open.
Postland signal box on the 8th of April 2015
Postland signal box on the 8th of April 2015
33 years after the line closed, Postland box was still standing, Just !
Postland station is on the other side of the road and is now someones home. The station building is in good order and is the same type of building as French Drove station. The station at Postland and box are in the middle of no where and about 3 miles from large village of Crowland which is why it was built here I think. There are many farms around the station in the fens, and this must have been the main traffic for the goods yard here.
About the March to Spalding railway line
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Twenty Feet River signal box
Murrow West signal box
French Drove signal box
Postland signal box
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March to Spalding line in Spalding
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The Great Eastern and Great Northern Joint Line (GN&GEJR) railway line from March to Spalding closed in 1982. The photos in this part were all taken on 35mm slide film.
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