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'Diesel Gala in October 2007'
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D9520+D9523+D9504+D9516 come into Orton Mere station on the Nene Valley railway on the 6th October in 2007 on a train of Continental stock.
Not just one Teddy Bear but four class 14s at Orton Mere station on one train of Continental stock.
Class 14s
The Class 14 is a 0-6-0 Diesel Hydraulic. 56 of them were built at Swindon by British Rail in 1964 and 1965. The have a Paxman Venture 6Y JX engine. After only four years of service on BR, most were sold to NCB and to British Steel at Corby which is about 17 miles from the NVR.  British Steel main steel works were closed at Corby between 1979 and 1981 with over 5000 jobs lost. With the coal Mines also closing, these class 14 were then not needed.
D9516 was at BSC Corby
D9518 was at NCB Ashington
D9520 was at BSC Corby (above)
D9523 was at BSC Corby
Four class 14s at Orton Mere station
The Four class 14's at Orton Mere station on one train of Continental stock, leave the station with a train to Wansford.
 four class 14s head for Wansford with the man on the third one collecting the token
The four class 14's head for Wansford with the man on the third class 14 collecting the token from the signal man at Orton Mere for the section between Orton Mere and Wansford.
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Nene Valley  Diesel Weekend October 2007


D9520+D9523+D9504+D9516 Orton Mere   this page


Class 37518 +Freightliner 47270 +Polish 0-8-0T  5485   


Class 20 007 as D8007 and Class 20 as D 8137  


Class 33 063 and 31 271 come into Orton Mere  

The Nene Valley Railway now (2016) runs from Peterborough to Wansford railway station and then on to Yarwell junction. Wansford Station is on part of the old A1 at Stibbingson and is about 2 miles from the village of Wansford itself. The line is about 7 1/2 miles long. It now also has the Fletton Branch which is about another mile and a bit.
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