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Early Days at Wansford       

City Of Peterborough at an early Wansford station open day

Class 5 City of Peterborough at Wansford station.

Note the short platform and no second platform.

The Peterborough Locomotive Society had been formed with the aim of getting the National Railway Museum at Peterborough together with a 13 mile railway line to Oundle from Peterborough. The National Railway Museum in the end went to York (NRM). But the seeds for a preservation heritage railway at Peterborough had been set.

Could The Peterborough Locomotive Society reopen the line to  Oundle them selfs? Helped by the Peterborough Development Corporation  about ?61,000 was paid for one the two tracks between Orton and Wansford the line having been double track. The name The Nene Valley Railway was now given to this bit of line.

The Peterborough Locomotive Society had used the sidings at the Peterborough Beet factory to store its rolling stock. It had had a lease one open day in these sidings which I went to but did not take a camera.

The Peterborough Beet factory has now closed and the site is a housing estate.

When The Peterborough locomotive society was able to use Wansford station, it started by having open Sundays (weekends?) betwee 1974 and 1976 at Wansford station and running trains towards Yarwell. On the Sunday evening the stock and engines were returned to the Peterborough beet factory

90432 and the class 5 at Wansford station on very early open day

90432 and the class 5 at Wansford station early open day

The two photos above were taken at Wansford station. They were taken be for the Peterborough locomotive society (Nene Valley Railway) started running trains to Peterborough (Orton Mere at first).

The station building signal box and crossing gates are as today (2009) but what a change. I thing I am standing in what is today the bay platform with what is today the engine sheds behind me.

No second platform and bay .....No footbridge..... No wooden LNWR station building that came from Barnwell... No new station building... No turntalbe...no shed yard.

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Class 5 City of Peterborough at Wansford station this page


Class 5 at Ferry Meadows with a train to the Beet Factory


The NVR's opening train


0-4-0ST number 90432 at Orton Mere


SJ 1928 in Orton Mere Station


Jacks Green at Orton Mere station


SJ 1178 at Orton Mere station


90432 a Barclay 0-4-0ST


Class F 0-6-0 no.656 and No.1539 Derek Crouch

This part of the website has a mixture of some of the various engines that ran on the Nene Valley when it first started.
This is page one of 9 pages of photos taken at the Nene Valley in this part
The Nene Valley Railway now (2014) runs from Peterborough to Wansford railway station and then on to Yarwell junction. Wansford Station is on part of the old A1 at Stibbingson and is about 2 miles from the village of Wansford itself. The line is about 7 1/2 miles long. It now has the Fletton Branch which is about another mile and a bit.
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