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A3 6013 Flying Scotsman at the Peterborough Nene Valley

Full verison  10.42min                       Short Verison 1.min
Full Verision

This video was taken in 1994 when the Flying Scotsman was at the NVR and is of a trip from Wansford to the NVR Peterborough station and the return trip to Wansford.

This late BR green with German type smoke deflectors is what a an A3 looked like in the last years with British Railways. But with less dirt and grime, that all steam locomotives were like in the last years of steam.

What should the Flying Scotsman look like?  
.Flying Scotsman was at the NVR in 1994
Short Verison       long verison  10.42min 

This video was taken in 1994 when the Flying Scotsman was at the NVR  and is a short verison of the video above.

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Flying Scotsman at York station in 2004 in LNER Apple Green

What does Flying Scotsman look like?

There has been a lot of talk about the colour of Flying Scotsman. What colour should it be with the A4 boiler and double chimney and the German type smoke deflectors that it was using at the NVR and at York in 2004?  

The late BR green with German type smoke deflectors is nearer to what it looked like it its last years with British Railways. But less all the dirt and grime of the last years of steam. ( I saw Flying Scotsman at Peterborough North about 1959 and if it had not stopped in the station, you could not have seen its name or number, under all the dirt and grime)

The LNER green, with its old LNER number of 4472, which Flying Scotsman has carried for most its time, after it was sold by BR is all wrong.

The German type smoke deflectors were taken off when it was sold by BR. But there was still a need for them to help the driver see were he is going. This is because they help lift the steam above the cab in certain wind conditions so the German type smoke deflectors were put back on. 

The A4 boiler with a double chimney will soften the exhaust blast and stop it lifting just above the cab windows which is why they were put on in the first place. The shape of the A4 does the same job.

 Flying Scotsman will be have the right colour and number for the for the locomotive ,when its done. 

Will it be in BR green, (or even in wartime black. it looked nice at Railfest in matt black even if it sould have been gross black). Will it have its smoke deflectors and its double chimney and be in BR  or LNER colours and number?

The man or woman in the street thinks, it should be in apple green, with LNER on its tender and the number 4472, what ever it looks like. They are going to be happy!

I hoped that the present rebuild at the NRM on Flying Scotsman was to be done in 2010/11? Then in 2012 it was still not done.

In Spetember 2014 its was still not done but the end was in site ?

I am not going to go into why its was not done, or was going to give you  the date when it was to be ready.   The locomotive was at Riley & Son (E) Ltd, Bury on East Lancashire Railway with work under way when I last updated this page.

Riley & Son (E) Ltd made a very good job of taking back to a shell and rebuilding the locomotive.

In 2016 the A3  was at last finshed and has now run on the mainline.It has also run on the NYMR and the SVR. There have been far to many poeple so far at these events, a little like when Tornado was first on the mainline.

The cost of its overhaul has filled many pages. I will just say it was a Lot.

It will nice to see Flying Scotsman back soon, at the Nene Valley. I hope then to add a link on this page sometime!

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Mixture 2 at the Nene Valley Railway


GWR 5224 in BR black at Orton Mere


Swedish Class B 4-6-0 number 101A (video


34081 at Wansford NVR station in 2002


Austerity 0-6-0ST no.75006 in 2002


Polish 0-8-0T 5485 at Orton Mere in 2003


Class 52 2-10-0 and Green Arrow (video)


34081 and class 5 73096 at Wansford 2003


A3 6013 Flying Scotsman at NVR (Videos) this page

  This is last of 8 pages on the various engines that have been on the Nene Valley from from the mid 1990s to 2003

The Nene Valley Railway now (2014) runs from Peterborough to Wansford railway station and then on to Yarwell junction. Wansford Station is on part of the old A1 at Stibbingson and is about 2 miles from the village of Wansford itself. The line is about 7 1/2 miles long. It now has the Fletton Branch which is about another mile and a bit.
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