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Temsford Signal Box
Temsford signal box
This wooden signal box was between Sandy and St Neots on the ECML. Everton gate box was just to the south. This box at Temsford went on 25th July 1976 when Peterborough power box took over this part of the ECML controlling the new colour light signals and points.This box controlled level crossing at a small road. There was a station at Temsford.
Rear of Temsford signal box
Temsford signal box from the rear.
Note the added windows this end and the extention at the rear.
class 55 Deltic on the up fast at Temsford
A class 55 Deltic on the up fast at Temsford. Note the up slow is sill showing the old track layout for were Temsford station was. The colour lights will soon take over from the old signals, which were still in use while Temsford box was open. Then the HST took over and then over wires came to the ECML.
The Little Barford Power station coal fired Power station cooling towers were later replaced when a new combined cycle gas turbine power station was built on same site
class 55 Deltic at Temsford
Another class 55 Deltic at Temsford on the up fast
Temsford is on the East Coast Main line . There are now just four tracks here. The station is long gone and there is just a level crossing with lifting barriers here now. The station having closed around November 1956. Freight was withdrawn in March 1965 at Temsford.
The next signal box that  I took a photo of along the ECML was at St Neots
The next page is Temsford in 2010
Next page is Temsford in 2010
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