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Holme signal box and level crossing.
Holme GN signal box
The old Holme GN signal box from up side just be for it was replaced by the gate box in photo below in about 1975. Note there was a footbridge which was also removed.
The Gate box and Level crossing from down side or Holme village
The Gate box and Level crossing from down side or Holme village side in 2006
These barriers can be down for some time.
gate box at Holme level crossing
The gate box at Holme level crossing in village of Holme on the ECML in 2009
This gate box is on top of the building with the control gear. This box had replaced the signal box that was here in 1975 (above). It controlled just the barriers. In 1998 control of the barriers was transferred to the power box at Peterborough near the station. The control of this crossing will be going to the York signal center.
Network Rail Main Line Level Crossing Closures Feasiblity Study Community Consultation booklet (2014)  says this crossing is one they would would like to close along with Conington and Holme load and Yaxley Lode foot crosing along this part of the East Coast Main line.  A new road bridge was to be built at Holme. This may be being put on hold?
For details use the link below to the Network Rail's own site
Railways at Holme
Holme is a small village next to the ECML between Peterborough and Huntingdon and it is spelt with a L. Holme village is in the Huntingdonshire district of Cambridgeshire.
Holme had its own railway station and a branch line to Ramsey. Both the station and the branch line are now closed. Yaxley village and Peterborough are to the north and Connington crossing is to the south (about a mile from the village).
The land in fens around Holme is black fen peat and is some of the lowest and best farming land in England. The track was laid on reed and wooden rafts and has not sunk like the land around.
The ECML is now on a embankment. It was level with the land when it was built. They may have kept adding soil and or ballast to kept the track level over the years.
The level crossing in the Holme village has a gate box that was a replacement when the old signal boxe went. Holme vilage is to on the west of this crossing.
Conington Airfield or as it is now called Peterborough Business Airport is between Holme vilage and Conington.
To the south of Holme village is a level crossing at Conington. Most mainline steam heading north stop on the down slow between Holme and Conington crossings to top up with water from a water tanker, as there are now no water cranes now on the ECML
To the north is a level crossing at Holme fen which is about a 3/4 of a mile north towards Peterborough and is on a very minor road
Class 67022 and 67029
Class 67022 and 67029 in the down slow waiting at signal 18/9/2010
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Signal boxes that were along this part of the ECML
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