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Huntingdon no.1 box  

'Huttingdon North No.2 signal box' 

Next station south  is  St Noets  Next station north is Peterborough
Huntingdon North no 2 signal box
Huntingdon North No.2 signal box
This brick signal box was at the northern end of Huntingdon station on the up side. This box went when Peterborough power box took over this part of the ECML controling the new colour light signals and points after the station was altered at Huntingdon around 1977. This box was still in use but would very soon be replaced . Photos taken from the A14 flyover
Huntingdon North No2 signal box not in use
Huntington North No.2 signal box less steps just after it went out of use with the relay boxes behind that replaced it.
There was also a  another signal box at the southern end of the station called Huntingdon North No1
Next signal box north along the ECML was at ABBOTTS RIPTON
Huntingdon station was altered around 1977. This was to make it ready for the overhead electric wires. The first electric train to Huntingdon, was in 1986.
(The wires were not ready above Huntingdon for trains to Peterborough till around1987)
When the station was altered at Huntingdon two fast lines were put in between the platforms. The down platform is new with just a wooden waiting shelter. The old down platform was were the fast lines are now.
Huntingdon railway station
Huntingdon railway station is on the East Coast Main line. There are now four tracks at this station with Huntingdon railway station using the two outside tracks (Slow lines) for its platforms. These were used by WAGN and First capital Connect  now Great Northern and Tameslink for the Great Northern Route trains between Kings Cross and Peterborough. GNER trains ran non stop through the middle fast lines platforms.Then National Express East Coast Then East Coast then Virgin East Coast now in 2018 LNER.
The First Capital Connect all stations local trains between Peterborough and Hitchin to Kings Cross trains all stopped here.
Since 2014 'Geat Northern' has taken over the First Capital Connect services'
Now in 2008 Thameslink services to Horsham and Gatwick Airport now use London St Pancras International with the new class 700  tese share who add to these services at Huntingdon with 12 coach trains. Greatern Northern services use Kings Cross.
The new timetable since May 2018  has been a right mess. Trains have been canceled or run late. Hopefully in October 2018 the timetable (Which has had about 3 changes? ) is getting better. Drivers who were not all re-trained on the tracks south of or in London in time on the new services or trained to drive trains or both is given as the cause.
Next station on the ECML south of Huntingdon is St Noets
Next station on the ECML north of Huntingdon is Peterborough
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