Corby North signal box. This signal box was destroted by fire.


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UK National railway

Between Mainton Junction and Kettering

Corby North Signal Box

Kettering to Manton

Heritage Railways

Corby North signal box

This signal box was called Corby North and was destroted by fire around 1996. Because of this fire a panel for the Corby line was added in the Manton Junction signal box in 1996.

Note because of its size this signal box had two stoves.

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The large Corby steel works that was at Corby 
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Kettering Station in 2014


Kettering station 2010

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Kettering station 2006


Kettering station 2004

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Kettering in BR days


Glendon North Junction



The New Corby station 2010


Corby North signal box
about the large Corby steel works

Harringworth Viaduct



Manton Junction

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