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About the station

Oakham Level Crossing signal box

Oakham Level Crossing signal box

This signal box is grade 2 listed is grade 2 listed which has meant that the wooden steps and windows cannot be replaced with plastic. Which is strange when so many plastic Airfix models were made of it

This box is still in use in 2014. The box like all the other boxes on Peterborough to Leicester line will close around 2017

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Oakham station in 2003

Oakham station in 2003

Only the booking office at Okham station and a small part of station building is used for railway use, the rest was available for rent in 2003. Passengers use the side entrance to the left of the station.

Oakham station main building in 2003

Oakham station main building from the footbridge in 2003

Oakham stations main building is on platform one. This photo was taken from the foot bridge. The station still has its canopy, which not only keeps the fair paying passengers dry, but also looks smart. This stations was designed to have a canopy. Stations can look bare with out them and the passengers get wet!

Platform 2 which is for trains to Leicester has this waiting shelter

Platform 2 at Oakham station which is used for trains to Leicester has a waiting shelter. This shelter gives some shelter from the rain for passengers. A open doorway gives access to the Melton Mowbray road. Passengers can come in this way and go over the footbridge to platform 1. This waiting room is often locked and out of use at weekends, when I have been on the station.

Central Trains class 170 comes under the footbridge and over the level crossing in 2003

Central Trains class 170 comes under the footbridge and over the level crossing in 2003

This Midland Railway foot bridge was removed for a time while it was restored and made higher to give more clearance for the larger containers that are now used

If it had not been replaced it would have been a shame. Well done for putting it back!

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Oakham Station

 About Oakham Station

 Oakham station 2003

 Oakham station 2005

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List of the Signal Boxes on this site