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Derby Etches Park Open day in 2014
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Open day held at The Etches Park Depot at Derby on Saturday 13th September 2014 to mark 175 years of Derbys railways.
This page has East Midland Trains class 222 104 in the workshop at this event
East Midland Trains 222 104 at the Etches Park depot Open Day in 2014.
East Midland Trains 222 104 at the Etches Park Open Day in 2014.
This class 222 was in the workshop of the Ethches Park Depot and was about to be lifted into the air with the yellow jacks.These jacks or lifting units fit into holes in the side of the train like jacking points on a road car. There are holes in the very clean floor along the length of the train for these jacks.
The jacks all work together to lift all the train slowly into the air.
Class 222 104 being lifted of the tracks at the open day in 2014
Class 222 104 being lifted of the tracks at the open day in 2014
The unit is being lifted into the air inside the depot at Etches Park at Derby so as the public could see how it was done .
On normal working days, bogies or engines can be changed overnight. They just unbolt them befor lifting the train up.Then they just roll them out the way and roll in a new or repaired bogie. The train is then droped slowly back onto the bogie!
I am sure there is a lot more to it then that. The man telling us how they did things, made in all sound so simple!
The depot was very clean and very smart, even the dust pan and brush had there own place on the wall. What would the men who worked in Derbys dirty old steam sheds make of of all this. This was more like F1 than MPD.
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