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Midland Main Line plus Ketteing to Manton Juction
Open day held at The Etches Park Depot at Derby on Saturday 13th September 2014 to mark 175 years of Derbys railways.
This page has some of the HSTs on display at this event.
East Midland Trains HST 43082
East Midland Trains HST 43082 at the Etche Park Open Day in 2014.
The 125 Group's HST power car
The 125 Group's HST power car at the Derby open day in 2014
This is one of the two prototype High speed train power cars of built in 1972 which were given class 41 as there classification which was for just the power cars. The HST set with the mark threes was later re-classified as a Diesel-electric multiple unit as class 252.
Just the two prototype power cars were built numbered and 41001 and 41002. After the Class 252 re-classification these were then renumbered as 43000 and 43001. 41001 is now part of the National Collection and is owned by the NRM at York. The other prototype power car number 41002 was scrapped at CF Booth.
The HSTs built for the Great Western Main line and East Coast main are still in service and still doing a great job
Prototype HST power car in 1975
Prototype HST power ??? car taking part in the Stockton and Darlington 150 Cavalcade in 1975
I am not sure which power car this is, but it was at the Shildon end of the train. It does not look very clean and  looks like it had an oil leak.  Note that these prototype HSTs had buffers which the number is behind. The number is not clear at the rear of the power car.
The 125 Group's HST power car
Prototype HST Power Car 41001 is now (May 2015) at the the Great Central Railway (Nottingham) .
This HST power car and its 3 Mark 3s went to The Mid-Norfolk Railway Diesel Gala on the 1st 2nd and 3rd of April 2016.
The HST power car also went to the Nene Valleys Diesel Gala on the 8th 9th and10th of April 2016

Derby Station

1  Derby station 2014

Derby  Etches Park Open Day 2014

1 Peak's D8 and D4
2 East Midland Trains class 153376 & 156403
3 Network Rail 97303 & Network Rail DVT 82124
4 D.101 Western Champion + D 7671 + 31 271 + Colas Rail class 56087 + DCRail class 56 312
5 GBRf class 20901 + HNRail class 20314 + Belfour Beatty class 20189 + Class 47843
7 Class 222 104 inside the depot being lifted in the air
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Midland Main Line plus Ketteing to Manton Juction
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