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 'Huntingdon Railway Station'
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'Huntingdon Railway station in 2012'
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 60163 Tornado with a Cathedrals Express at Huntingdon station on the 10/12/2012
60163 Tornado with a Cathedrals Express at Huntingdon station on the 10/12/2012


The video below is of 60163 Tornado with a Cathedrals Express that had started at Peteborough. I took video of it leaving, befor getting on a train to Huntingdon. There was a water stop at Conington for Tornado that had come to Peterborough light engine from London that morning.  Then it was booked to stop for about 10mins to pick up passengers at Huntingdon station. Some of the passengers had time to get out and take a quick photo of Tornado. Being called back onto the train just befor it left. One man was so busy taking his photos that he missed the train!  This video starts at Peterborough station.

You can view this video in the full screen. Use the button on right of the video. !

Tornado in early British Railways blue at Huntingdon railway station in 2012

Tornado had only just been repainted late in 2012 into this early British railways blue with the lion on the wheel, British Railways emblem on its tender.
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