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North of Newark
ECML 2015 & 2002

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East Coast class 91128 on an up train in 2015
Class 91128 that was still in its old East Coast silver grey colours in 2015. This was a Virgin Trains East Coast train.
DB class 66110on a down freight in 2015
DB class 66110 on a down freight in 2015
Freighliner class 66503
Freighliner class 66503 in 2015 on an up freight.
Most of this freight north of Peterborough to Doncaster is now going around the Great Northern loop by way of Spalding and Lincoln, making space for more passenger trains.
Church Lane crossing barriers in 2005
Church Lane level crosing barriers in 2005 from were this photos on this page were taken.
East Coast DVT 822206
East Coast DVT 822206 on a down train in 2015
Grand Central HST on Down Train in 2015
Grand Central HST on Down Train in 2015
Note the buffers on this power car. The other HST's  do not have buffers. Only 8 powere car were fitted with them.
GNER in 2002
 GNER train in 2002
 GNER up train in 2002
GNER HST in 2002
Newark Northgate station is on the ECML from Kings Cross to Scotland. In 2004 GNER ran the main line trains from London to Scotland and London to Leeds.
To the south is Grantham station with Retford and Doncaster stations to the North. Kings Cross to Leeds trains were the most common trains to stop here on the ECML in 2004. Lincoln to Nottingham trains come off the Lincoln to Nottingham line next to were it  crosses over the ECML on the flat crossing  to the north of the station and they then reverse out of the station back up to the Lincoln Nottingham line.
Newark also has a second station Newark Castle on the Lincoln to Nottingham linewhich is to the west of the flat junction.  Lincoln Nottingham trains stopping at both stations.

 1. Newark North Gate railway station on 21st June 2008  

2. Newark North Gate station in 2004

3. Newark Nottingham line Flat Crossing of ECML

4. Newark Church road crossing on ECML

 5. Newark Church Lane in 2020

6. Newark Castle station in 2002 & 2015

 7. Newark signal box

 Notingham to Lincoln line  at Swinderby 2020

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