Railways around Peterborough and The National Rail Network & Heritage railways in the UK

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UK National railway


Newark Railways

Newark Castle Railway station in 2002

Newark on Trent Heritage Railways
Newark signal box which is at Newark Castle station in 2002

Newark signal box which is at Newark Castle station in 2002

This box is at the Nottingham end of Newark castle station 

This box is down to be closed in 2016 (?). This station and line will then be controlled by the East Midlands Regional Operations Centre at Derby. 

There is another station in Newark on the East Coast Main Line called Newark North Gate. Notingham to  Lincoln stop at  Newark castle station  and then this passenger trains come off the Nottingham  to Lincoln line next to were it crosses over the ECML on the flat to the north of Newark Northgate station They then reverse out of the station and come back up to the Lincoln Nottingham line.


List of the Signal Boxes on this site


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Newark North Gate railway station on 21st June 2008 


Newark North Gate station in 2004


Newark Castle station in 2002

Newark signal box

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