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Peterborough 1970s  till  1999 (BR)
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  As part of a new platform layout at Peterborough station in 2014 some of the platforms numbers have now been changed .

Great Northern Station 

Entrance to the old GNR station at Peterborough

This was the entrance to the old GNR station at Peterborough (North). The GNR station buildings were pulled down to be replaced by a new station building. This replacement station has it self now been upgraded (rebuilt) with a  upgraded ticket office and barriers, lifts and new platforms in 2014.

The size of Peterborough in 2014 and the amount of interchange between trains means that a bigger better station was needed.

The old GNR station was full of Victorian charm, but its ticket office was very small. The book shop sold railway books and as a child I had looked at books in its window hoping some day to buy one. The beer in buffet was real ale, which as a child I did not try.

Yes it was dirty and rundown, but so were most stations in the late 1970s, It was still covered in the years of grime and soot from steam trains. Look at many stations today that have been cleaned and restored. Spalding or Sleaford not far away are worth a visit to see what might have been done to Peterborough GN station buildings.

The footbridge tower and all of the station buildings would I hope today have been listed as grade one and saved?

History though pulled the Peterborough Great Northern station down, and put up a station that was little better just good enough but no more (5/10) lets hope the new one (2014) , lasts longer, and is better the one we had.

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The GNR Peterborough North station buildings

 The GNR Peterborough North station buildings.

The GNR Peterborough North station buildings. If this photo was taken today you would be standing near to the multistory car park entrance.  There is a mini roundabout at this juction now

One thing this part of the station building contained was the parcel office were parcels could be put on to express trains that day.

One of the things on the GNR platform trolleys was day old chicks in carboard boxs put on up express trains. Papers and magazines and tons of mail taken off and put on each train.

The North station from the car park

The North station from the car park

Taken from the station car park entrance. The ticket payment hut today is on the left of the photo. The new station is on the same site. The foot bridge stairs were in the tower near the red BR sign. The Great Northern Hotel is just behind the tree on the right hand side. It's all very quite and open and I think I waited for a gap in the traffic or was it a Sunday, but off peak in the week and during the day there were less local trains than todays services.

The station with lots of taxies

The entrance from the right hand side. Taxies wait in the centre of the road. Today all these cars would be classic cars

Peterborough GNR station
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GNR station
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GNR station

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