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 As part of a new platform layout at Peterborough station in 2014 Platform 5 will remain as platform 5.

PLATFORM 5 in BR days

Class 47115 with a sliver roof in platform 5 at Peterborough

 Class 47115 with a sliver roof in platform 5 at Peterborough station.

Platform 5 at Peterborough was and still is used by Birmingham Norwich and Cambridge and Liverpool trains in both the up and down directions. Two DMUs trains used to use this platform at once.

At this time Stamford had its own service with a DMU just between the two towns which used platform 5.

Platform five together with platform four was used for passengers for the first time on the 25 June 1972

 A DMU also in platform 5

 A DMU also in platform 5

 a class 37 in platform 5 at Peterborough

 A class 37 in platform 5 at Peterborough

Platform five started being used on the 25 June 1972 ready for when the new though lines opened on the 2nd May 1973.

Platform 5 was also used by up and down Norwich Cambridge and Birmingham Nottingham and Liverpool trains. These trains could also use Platform 4

Freight and light engines could also use platforms 5 both ways.

Platform Five is on the western edge of a island platform with Platform 4 is on the eastern edge.

The new buildings on this island platform are of the style of architecture prevalent in the 1960's and 1970's bland and and insipid. But clean and just about fit for there use.

These two platforms are linked to the main station by a long foot bridge over the two fast lines. This footbridge was made longer when the new lines went in.

There is also a Post office bridge that was out of bounds in BR days but is now used for push chairs and the yellow mobility truck that carries wheelchairs and old people over who can't use the stairs, as Peterborough station still had no lifts, right to up till 2014!.

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