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Power box at Peterborough

 Br 1970s to 2000


Peterborough BR

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As part of a new platform layout at Peterborough station in 2014 some of the platforms numbers have now been changed .
Peterborough 1970s  till  1999 (BR)
Peterborough 2000 till 2013
 Peterborough 2014 till today
Peterborough railways on this site is in now in three parts BR 1970 to 1999 and 2000 till 2014 and 2014 till today

Peterbororough power signal box

Peterborough Power  Box

Peterborough Power box from the station.

This photo is of the Peterborough power box when quite new and  taken be for the anti vandal fencing was put  up around it.

Peterborough power box controls the ECML from Sandy in the south which is the most southerly point of the Peterborough's power box's area. Kings Cross power box takes over control from Sandy to London Kings Cross station. To the north of Peterborough the Power box controls the ECML up to Stoke tunnel were the Doncaster power box takes over control.

Now over 156 miles of the ECML now has just just three signal boxes.

The Peterborough power  box was opened in a number of stages. In December 1972 it controled just around the Peterborough station. Next it controlled south to Fletton and north as far as Helpston. Then south to Holme as more signal boxes were closed. It also controlled the Ely line as far as Kings Dyke and the Splading line as far as Deeping St James.

By December 1977 it was controlling the ECML all the way to Sandy and north to Stoke tunnel were the Doncaster Power Box takes over.

In 1900 there were about 30 signal boxes just around Peterborough.



Westwood yard at Peterborough which is just to the north of the station  is controlled from the  Eastfield signal box which is GNR signal box with levers and is not part of the ECML power signalling.

 some other Peterborough signal boxes on this site

Eastfield signal box (Open)

 New England East Shunting Cabin (Closed)

 Walton signal box (Closed)


In 2019 The Peterborough area of the ECML is to be controlled by LNE Regional Operations Centre at York. The Peterborough Power Signal Box (PSB) along with the Eastfield signal box in Westwood Yard are down to close. Also the Helpston signal box now only used as as gate box will also close.


Peterborough railways on this site is in now in three parts BR 1970 to 1999 and 2000 till 2014 and 2014 till today
Perborough 1970s  till  1999 (BR)
Peterborough 2000 till 2013
Peterborough 2014 till today

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About Peterborough

 Yaxley in BR days

Farcet in BR days

The now closed Flyash line at Fletton Peterborough

Fletton in BR days

 Just to the south of Peterborough station in  BR days

Peterborough to March line in BR days  in Peterborough

About The Peterborough to March railway line

The River Nene bridges at Peterborough near to the NVR station

The  Peterborough to March line goes under the ECML at the Fair meadow Car Park

Peterborough East Station was here

This bridge at Peterborough was made of wood now replced by a concrete bridge


List of the Signal Boxes on this site



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