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Manton Junction

Manton Junction signal box is at the junction of the line to Kettering, which comes off the Leicester to Peterborough line here.

(Harringworth  Viaduct Corby ....Kettering ) 

Manton Junction signal box.

Manton Junction signal box.

This photo was taken from a train in BR days when you could open the windows of the carriages and take photos

Note all sacks of coal ready for the winter

This signal box is called Manton Junction. It is still open today.It controls Manton Junction. were the railway Line to Corby and Kettering leaves the Peterborough to Leicester railway line.

The photo was taken from a train in BR days. This signal box was opened in 1913.

This box is still in use in 20115.  The box like all the other boxes on Peterborough to Leicester will close in 2017.

There was a station at Manton. This closed to passengers in 1966. It had closed to goods two years before in 1964. The village of Manton is in the county of Rutland.

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Manton Junction to Kettering line

The line to Corby and Kettering leaves the Oakham to Peterborough line at Manton junction. The line from Oakham to kettering was the main line, but the Peterborough line is the maine line today. There is now just a single line off the Peterborough to Oakham line, to  Kettering

The Manton Junction to Kettering line was closed to passenger trains. The steel works at Corby was one of the lines main users with iron ore, coal and the finished steel being some of cargos of the trains that Corby generated.

The odd Sunday passenger trains have used this line as a diversion. Because most of the signal boxes along the line were closed, the sections are quite long, limiting the amount of trains that can use the line.

Steam trains have used this line with Harringworth Viaduct being the main photo spot.

In 2009 East Midland Trains started using the New Corby Station with hourly trains to London. They then started a early morning train from Melton Mowbray with a return train in the evening. These two trains were the first booked normal passenger trains run over all the line for many years.



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