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Wissendine signal box

Wissendine signal box
Wissendine signal box when it sill had level crossing gates.

Wissendine is a small village and is between Melton Mowbray and Oakham. This level crossing today has barriers, 


 Whissendine signal box in 2009

 Whissendine signal box in 2009

Wissendine  box had new PVC windows and the walk way around the box to clean the windows removed. Also the coal stove has gone. Also the crossing gates have been replaced by barriers.


Wissendine signal box from the rear in 2009 

Wissendine  box from the rear note the small window to look up the road befor closing the gates (barriers now).
This signal box is still in use in 2014.  The box like all the other signal boxes on Peterborough to Leicester railway line will close around 2017.
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Between Mellton and Oakham

 Wissendine signal box
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Langham signal box
Langham in BR days
Langham in 2009 steam
Mainline steam with Princess Elizabeth  hauling The Cathedrals Explorer (Day 8) at Langham on 25th May in 2012. Steam
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