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  Leicester North signal box

 Leicester North signal box was opened in 1911. It closed in June 1986

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Bell Lane signal box

Bell Lane signal box

 This signal box had opened in 1891 and closed on the 29th June 1986.

This photo was taken from a train.

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 Wigston south Juction signal box
 Wigston south Juction signal box that was to the south of Leicester station. 
 summer 1976
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The large station at Leicester is on the Midland main line from London to Sheffield.  To the south of the station the line to Nuneaton and Birmingham leaves to the west. To the north at Syston junction the line to Melton Mowbray Oakham and stamford  and Peterborough leves the MML to the east.

All of the Birmingham to Peterborough and then on to Ely and Cambridgeand onto Stansted Airport stop at Leicester station. How import this station is can be seen by how many passengers get on or off certain trains.

The station today is clean and does the job but it's a pity like Bedford along the line that more of the Midland station was not saved. The old signal and boxes have been replaced with colour lights and most of the sidings along the line have been removed. There is just the one main yard north of the station.

Like other stations on the Midland Main Line there are next train panels giving the present time and when the next train on that platform is due.

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Leicester station in 2004

Leicester Signal boxes

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The next large stations to the north of Leicester are Nottingham or Derby and to the south Kettering and Wellingborough and  Bedford