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Railways around Peterborough and The National Rail Network and Heritage railways in the UK

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A pair of class 25s come from the bridge over the river Nene past what is now First Capital Connect's EMU sidings

A pair of class 25s come into Peterborough from the bridge over the river Nene past what was First Capital Connect's (now Great Northerns) EMU sidings then used for carriges.

The line from the down slow of the ECML which the class 25 is going over was removed in 2014. What looks a little like a footbridge top right was the coal conveyer to the closed Peterborogh's coal fired Power station.


The Peterborough to March railway line is a part of the ex Great Eastern line which runs from Ely to Peterborough.

The Peterborough to March railway line is one of the main east to west railway lines from the Midlands into East Anglia. Peterborough is a major passenger interchange station . Platforms 5 and 4 are used (signalled for both ways) for Birmingham to Cambridge and Standstead airport and Norwich to Liverpool trains and Peterborough to Ipswich Trains for more on these two platforms click on Peterborough. 

Two new platforms at Peterborough are in 2014 being added with the numbers 6 and 7, as the number of trains using the Peterborough station is incressing. This will help if a train is held in a platform for any time as there was no spare platforms

Both Peterborough and March have lots of there own pages on this site.


 A short trip along the Peterborough March railway line in Peterborough

From the Peterborough the line starts from platform 4 or 5 ( soon from the new platform 6 and 7 as well). From the south end of Peterborough Station we go under the large Crescent road Bridge. The line then runs past what is now the First Capital Connect EMU sidings and then over the curved steel bridge over the River Nene next to the Nene Valleys Railway station at Peterborough. There was a coal fired power station here, but is now a supermarket.

The line goes under the ECML and past the Fair Meadow Car Park. This is were the LNWR line From Northampton and Rugby which the NVR now uses part of.

The Great Eastern and LNWR used to have their own station called Peterborough East near to Peterborough Football ground. This was Peterborough's 2nd station. This station served the LNWR line to Northampton and the line to Rugby now used by the Nene Valley Railway as far as Wansford

The Peterborough United football ground is to the right. There were sidings and a engine shed which still stands but is in a poor state. The NVR's turntable at Wansford came from the East station MPD , The turntable was only put in the late 1950s and has now seen more years in use at the NVR than it did at the East station engine shed site.

Just After the East Station was Black bridge a wooden bridge that was burnt down to the water line in a fire in the 1950s 


Next page on the Peterborough to March line In Peterborough  in BR days


    The Peterborough to March Line has its own pages Click Here for the rest of this line

The line then heads out of Peterborough to Kings Dyke which is only just outside Peterborough. On the to way to Whittlesea we see the only brick works left around Peterborough, which are along this part of the line.

Whittlesea has the only station which is a small basic station. The line then goes on to Turves a small village in the fens with just a signal box and a few houses. It is then to on to March this part of the line is in wide open flat fens, as is the next part of the line from March to Ely.

March has it own pages and to see pages on this line in March


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About Peterborough

 Yaxley in BR days

Farcet in BR days

The now closed Flyash line at Fletton Peterborough

Fletton in BR days

 Just to the south of Peterborough station in  BR days

Peterborough to March line in BR days  in Peterborough

About The Peterborough to March railway line

The River Nene bridges at Peterborough near to the NVR station

The  Peterborough to March line goes under the ECML at the Fair meadow Car Park

Peterborough East Station was here

This bridge at Peterborough was made of wood now replced by a concrete bridge


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