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 The new Allington signal box in 2005

 The new Allington signal box in 2005


This signal box may have been one of the last new boxes to be built. The box replaced a GNR signal box. called Allington Junction. It does a least look like a signal box. It may also have one of the shortest lifespans, as it down to close when the new York signal centre opens. It could remain to house the control gear? The level crossing gates were removed and were replaced with lifting barriers.


This new box is to the North west of Grantham on the line from Nottingham to Sleaford. Most  of the normal Nottingham to Sleaford, Boston and  Skegness passenger trains call at Grantham.They turn off at Alllington junction and head southwards to Grantham. They then reverse in the station and come back to Allington and use the new cord and head east to Sleaford

Because Barkston Junction has now been removed from the ECML. Passenger trains from Sleaford for Grantham now come under the ECML and then use the new CORD and reverse in Grantham and return to Allington junction be for heading for Nottingham .

The new Allington box being built

The new Allington box being built with the old level crossing gates still in use. Note one of gates has been replaced.

The Allington new signal box

 The Allington new signal box from the side and rear.

Note the air-con units, I bet there was not any in the old box!


2013 at Grantham railway station

A4 Mallard and a Deltic coming to Grantham on 4/9/2013 with a video

 The New Allington Junction box

The old GNR signal box and level crossing at Allington

The now closed Barkston Junction on the ECML


Notingham to Boston signal boxes


Allington Junction





Sleaford West

Sleaford East


Hubberts Bridge

West Street Junction  

Grand Sluice 




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