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'Allington Junction signal Box.'
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Allington signal box is on the line between  Nottingham and Skegness  & Grantham.
Allington Junction Great Northern Signal box
Allington Junction Great Northern signal box in 2005
Allington Junction Great Northern signal box in 2005
Allington Junction signal box from the side and rear.
Allington Junction signal box from the rear.
"Allington Junction" signal box opened in 1875. It had a set of 4 level crossing gates over a minor road The box was closed in 2005, when the new "Allington" box took over, when the new cord was openedThe GNR box was demolished soon afterwards.
Allington Junction is to the north west of Grantham on the line from Nottingham to Sleaford.
Most passenger trains between Nottingham and Sleaford call at Grantham. Trains calling at Grantham from Nottingham left this line at Allington Junction. At Grantham trains reversed and then used the ECML as far as Barkston Junction were they had to cross over the up lne of the ECML to get to the Sleaford line. To keep the ECML trains on time Nottingham Sleaford trains were often held up.
A new CORD was put in at Allington Junction and a new signal box was built called just Allington on the other side of the road from the old GNR box.
Barkston Junction has now been removed from the ECML and trains to Sleaford now leave Grantham to the west by the Nottingham line and use the new CORD that was put in at Arlington Junction.
Trains from Sleaford to Nottingham which call at Grantham now go under the ECML and A1 be for they turn back using the new cord at Allington Junction towards Grantham on the Nottingham line . This has helped timekeeping, as these trains do not have to wait for a path on the ECML as they now do not now use it.
map around Grantham
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Grantham Railways
2019 at Grantham railway station 
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