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Grantham Railway station
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'Grantham Station in 2019.'
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 LNER class 91112
LNER class 91112 on a down train in Grantham station on th 14th February 2019.
Grantham's railways are today a shadow of what they were in steam days. Engines from the north were changed here. Its MPD was a large steam shed with many main line engines.The Grantham station is on the ECML from Kings Cross to the north. Peterborough is to the south and Newark to the North.
 LNER now run the main ECML trains in 2019. Virgin East Coast gave up its franchise who had taken over from East Coast who had taken over from National Express who walked away from this franchise. GNER ran the franchise after BR.
Now in 2019 its LNER, (run like East coast by the Goverment) all these franchise's ran with these same rolling stock, Class 91s and HSTs up to 2019.
LNER will have the new Class 800 which are on test and driver training at the start of 2019.
LNER Class 800 113
LNER Class 800 113 AZUMA in LNER colours on driver training non stop in platform 1 at Grantham in a bit of winter sunshine on the 14th of February 2019.
 LNER DVT 82201
LNER DVT 82201 coming in to Grantham station with a down train on Thursday 14th February 2019
East Midland trains  class 158 813
East Midland trains class 158 813 in platform 4 at Grantham on Thursday 14th February 2019.
These Norwich to Nottingham and Norwich Liverpool trains use platform 4 in both directions.
East Midland trains  class 156408
East Midland trains  class 156408 into the bay platform no.3 at Grantham  on the 14th of February 2019.
Trains from Skegness  Sleaford to Nottingham which call at Grantham now go under the ECML and A1 be for they use a new cord and turn back at Allington Junction towards Grantham on the Nottingham line. These trains used Barkston Junction be for. This has helped timekeeping, as these trains do not have to wait for a path on the ECML as they now do not use it.
These trains come into the bay at the North of the station and then reverse out back to Allington Junction to continue on there journey.
Map showing the new cord in yellow at Allington
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