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Peterborough Down Fast line February 2015
Virgin East Coast class 91121
Virgin East Coast class 91121 on the down fast on 26th September 2015.
East Coast Class 91120 on the down fast
East Coast Class 91120 on the down fast coming under the Crecent Bridge road bridge.
Work was still under way tidying up the station on the 12th of March 2015.
Virgin East Coast HST 43316
Virgin East Coast HST 43316 on the down fast  12th March 2015
class 180 on the down fast
Class 180 on the down fast on 26th September 2015
The Down Fast
The down fast has remained the same un-like the up fast that has a platform on it (Platform 3).
This down fast line line was put in late 1960s early 70s so trains could do 111mph instead of the 20mph at Peterborough. All Grand Central and Hull trains use the fast lines. Virgin trains not stopping at Peterborough use these lines.

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At long last Peterborough railway station has some, New platforms. These were needed for when it all goes pear shape, there are just not enough platforms to go round. Even with all going well trains often had to wait for a platform on the river Nene railway bridge.
      On Tuesday 13th December 2011 Network Rail announced a 43 million pound upgrade of Peterborough railway station starting in April 2012 and to be completed by December 2013. ( There was still ongoing work  in Feruary 214 and it was to be April 2014 be for it was all done)
This work has now increased the numer of platforms to 7 and includes new lifts to each platform. There were no lifts to any platform at Peterborough be for.
      The New Layout at Peterborough station has seen: The old bay (platform1) removed. Platform 2 renumber as platform 1 and made longer. Platform 3 renumbered as platform 2 and also made longer. The all New Platform 3 is next to the up fast line, built on waste land. Platform 4 and 5 remain as they were, but hve been made a little longer. Platform 6 and 7 are an all new Island platform.  A new goods avioding line has also been built along side platform 7.
Most platforms are signaled both ways with new signals on some platforms.
Map of the old layout at Peterborough on the left and the the New layout  on the right.     Yellow for new Platforms
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