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Peterborough Westwood Yard in 2015
and the main line next to it.
East Coast HST power car 43299 at Westwood
East Coast HST power car 43299 at Westwood on an up train to London, along side Westwood Yard on the 18th Febuary 2015. 2 GBRf class 66 are outside the GBRf depot in the background. Work was on going in Westwood yard and there was little traffic.
Westwood  Yard is nothing like is once was. Most of the sidding have gone. But it still sees many freight movements. There is aso the GBRf depot. There is now the new EMU sidings to add to the traffic.
Eastfield signal box on the 18th of Febuary in 2015
Eastfield signal box on the 18th of Febuary in 2015 in Westwood Yard .
There was very little in the yard that day. This box still has points and signals to work in the yard.
East Midlands Trains class 153385
East Midlands Trains class 153385 on the up slow heading for Peterborough station on the 18th of February in 2015. The up slow is signaled both ways from Werrington Junction to Peterborough station so the trains on the GNR loop to Spalding Sleaford and Lincoln cross the ECML two times.
Cross Country class 170398
Cross Country class 170398 on the line from Stamford with a train to Standstead Airport on 18th of February 2015. The East Coast Main line can be seen on the right.
 Westwood  Yard new EMU sidings being built in 2015
Westwood  Yard now has these six new EMU sidings to add to its traffic.
These sidding are near the Eastfield signal box next to Westwood bridge. These will be used by the new Thameslink services to Gatwick Airport and Brighton when the new EMUs come into service in 2018. Work had started in 2014  and was still under way on these in February 2015.
I think these EMUs were going to stop in platform one between turns. I think they will now use these when there is a long stop in the station or over night. This will free up Platform 1 for other trains.
Westwood Yard in steam days was full of wagons. Coal wagons heading down to London full and MT wagons coming back. Wagons of grain bricks and cattle ment shunting went on all night with many shunting engines needed for all the wayside stations in East Anglia and the Midlands and along the Main East Coast Main Line. Even in the early 1970s bricks were still got from rail connected brick yards and small hump was still in use. Today little or no freight starts or ends in the yard and most of the siddings have gone or used to store wagons. Freight stop only for breaks or change of crewe.
 GBRf class 66766 in Westwood Yard
GBRf class 66766 in Westwood Yard on the 11th of November 2015.The new EMU yard is behind.
The GBRf depot and the new EMU sidings are good new points. B&Q and Argos and other stores and roads are on what were sidings full of wagons.
Westwood road Bridge now has (2018) new tall steel panels added to the side of cycle way bridge from were I took this photos from on this page.
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