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Large list Peterborough  2014 -2019   (2018)
Peterborough platform 5 in 2018
 East Midland Trains class 158773
East Midland Trains class 158773 in platform 5 on the 16th of January 2018
GBRf class 66772
GBRf class 66772 in platform 5 on the 30th of January 2018
Freightliner class 70008
Freightliner class 70008 coming into platform 5 on the 17th of February 2018
GBRf class 66781 and class 66770
GBRf class 66781 and class 66770 coming into platform 5 light engines on the 17th of February 2018
This GBRf class 66781 was owned by DB Cargo with the number 66016 . Ten Class 66 locomotives have been acquired from DB Cargo UK by GB Railfreight  and they will receive a new livery and a new number. As can be seen, it is flesh from the paint shop, this year (2018).
Freightliner class 66548
Freightliner class 66548 in platform 5b doing a crew change on the 17th of Febuary 2018
Platform 5
Platform 5 at Peterborough station has kept its platform number. It now has a lift shared with platform 4. It has an extra bit of platform at the northern end. Both ends of the platform have lost there platform ramps and now have a fence with a gate.
Platform 5 can be used by both up and down Norwich Cambridge and Birmingham Nottingham and Liverpool trains. Most of these now use the new platforms 6 and 7. Freight and light engines also use platforms 5 both ways.
Most Virgin East Coast down trains use platform four.
Platform 5 is on the outer western edge of a island platform with on the eastern edge Platform 4. The buildings on this island platform are of the style of architecture prevalent in the 1960's and 1970's bland and and insipid. But clean and just about fit for there use.
Platforms 5 and 4 are linked to the main station by a long foot bridge over the two fast lines. This footbridge was made longer when the new lines went in. There is at long last a lift that opened in 2014 shared with platform 4 .
There is also the old Post office bridge that was out of bounds in BR days, but was then used for many years for push chairs and the yellow mobility truck that carried wheelchairs and old people over the tracks who could not use the stairs. Peterborough station had no lifts, right to up till 2014! The bridge is still in use. This old Post office bridge now can be used by any passengers at the north end of the platforms
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Large list Peterborough  2014 -2019   (2018)
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