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 St. James Deeping signal box on the 5th May 2014

St James Deeping signal box on the 5th of May 2014 

This signal box is on the railway line from Peterborough to Lincoln and Doncaster. The Great Northern Loop. This line is being at long last upgraded and the days of this box were numbered when I took this photo

This box has now been closed and removed. This will give a better view of the crossing from the road junction. The gates have been replaced by barriers The date the box was to go was March 2014, so its on borrowed time when I took this photo. The Barriers here will be controled from Lincoln, then from the York signal centre when that comes fully on line.

This box was opened in 1876. 

This box was to be dismantled by Network Rail, despite a campaign to turn it into a museum. It is hoped the box can be found a new home and rebuilt somewere. I hope I can add more about its fate later.

St James Deeping signal box was actually in or near  to Deeping St James. There was a station here but like many station was a long way from the villages they served. Market Deeping has got a lot bigger and if there was a free or cheap car park at a new station here it would see more traffic now than then.

St James Deeping signal box in 2014 from the road

 St James Deeping signal box in 2014.

St James Deeping signal box in 2014 from the rear.

St James Deeping signal box in 2014 from the rear.

The other crossing gate in 2014

The other crossing gate in 2014 looking a little worn and need of some paint.

The building in the rear is part of the new set up here I think.


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