Sleaford Railway Station in 2012

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Sleaford railway station


Heritage Railways
East Midland Trains class 153376 at Sleaford station

East Midland Trains class 153376 at Sleaford station on the 24th May 2012 was still painted in Central Trains green. This unit had only I think just been repainted when EMT took over.


Sleaford railway station in 2012 still looks much as it did in LNER days. Thankfully this station was left alone in the 1970s. The removal of station buildings with bus shelters, never did happen here. The resoration of this station has made it a very nice station to wait for a train even if most of the station is not used.



 Colas class 47 739 Robin of Templecombe at Sleaford station

Colas Rail class 47 739 Robin of Templecombe comes out of Sleaford station and over the level crossing on the 24th May 2012 with a train to Boston docks. The class 47s was a little dirty.

East Midland Trains class 153376 at Sleaford station

Network Rail DR98910 in Sleaford station on the 24th May 2012

Pages on trains at Sleaford railway station

Sleaford railways in 2014

East Midland Trains  153310+156415+153308

Sleafod station 2012 153376 + 47739 + Network Rail DR98910  at  Sleaford in 2012
2002 at Sleaford station 153375 + 153333 + 150210 + 156406 at Sleaford in 2002
Sleaford in BR days BR days DMU past 2 signals + Class 20s on Skegness trains

Sleaford East signal box


Sleaford West signal box

  List of the Signal Boxes on this site
Sleaford railways in 2014
Sleafod station 2012
2002 at Sleaford station
Sleaford in BR days
East Midland Trains class 153310 and a class 156 at Sleaford station
East Midland Trains class 153310 and a class 156 at Sleaford station in 2012. This train was to Nottingham.

Sleaford station is on the Nottingham to Skegness line which runs west to east. Trains on the Peterborough to Spalding to Lincoln line also use this station that runs north to south. The Spalding trains come off the GN&GE line at Sleaford south juction and join the Skegness line at Sleaford East juction just to the east of the station. To get get back on the Lincoln line trains travel west to Sleaford west juction and then rejoin the Lincoln line at Sleaford North juction.

There is an avoiding line east of the town that let trains from Spalding to Lincoln bypass Sleaford. This went out of use for a number of years and all Spalding Lincoln freight trains had to come though the station. This avoiding line was never pulled up and is being reopened, so that some of the freight trains off the ECML can use this to open up more paths between Peterborough and Doncaster on the ECML.

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