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Platform 5
Anglia class 153314 in platform 5a at Peterborough
Anglia class 153314 in platform 5a at Peterborough station.
The two photos of this class 153314 on this page in platform 5, show it when it was used to advertise the Norfolk Festival at Norwich. With N-joy an N-train on its sides. This train was still in normal every day service.
Anglia class 153314 at Peterborough
View from the other end of this 158. Anglia Railways was the railway operating company running this train at this time.
Anglia Railways
Anglia Railways franchise ran between 5th January 1997 and 31st March 2004. It was owned by GB Railways. As well as the Mainline London Liverpool Street to Norwich trains it ran local trains in East Anglia.
After 1st April 2004 Anglia Railways franchise was transferred to London Eastern Railway Ltd, which is a subsidiary of the National Express Group. It was then re-branded as 'ONE' from 1st April 2004 to 26th February 2008. When it was then re-branded as "National Express East Anglia".
One class 170202 in platform 5 at Peterborough
ONE class 170202 in platform 5 at Peterborough in 2005
This service was being run by "One". One was a railway operating company. The name ONE was changed to National Express East Anglia.
Central trains 170 398 in platform 5a at Peterborough
Central trains 170 398 in platform 5a at Peterborough
This Central Trains class 170/3 Turbostar diesel multiple unit was built in Derby by Bombardier Transportation at its Litchurch Lane Works. It is one of about 122 which have come into service since privatization.
The Birmingham Peterborough Cambridge and Stansted Aiport service has been run almost exclusively in the last few years with class 170s with the odd 158s. Central Trains ran this service, but Cross Country does now.
Platform 5 at Peterborough is used by Birmingham Norwich and Cambridge and Stansted Airport and Liverpool trains in both up and down directions. Two units can use this platform at once. This island platform with platform 5 and 4 on, was built when the fast though lines were put in at Peterborough. Freight can also use these platforms and sometimes crew changes are done in platform 5.
Class 153306 in platform 5 at Peterborough
Class 153306 is in platform 5 at Peterborough in 2004 still in its BR Regional Railway colours of grey and blue.
The Class 53
The class 153s were built as two car units of class 155 by British Leyland in 1987 and 1988. They were later converted around 1991 and 1992 into single car units at Kilmarnock at Hunslet-Barclay.
Class 150245 in platform 5 at Peterborough in 2004
Class 150245 in platform 5 at Peterborough in 2004 still in its Anglia colours.
Anglia Railways had 9 of these class 150/2 units when it started, but later got a tenth oner. This one, 150245 was the only one of the ten not named. When ONE took over class 156s replaced these class 150s. Class 170s are used on this service today.
Anglia Railways operated its franchise between 5th January 1997 and 31st March 2004. It was owned by GB Railways.
This class 153 was one of the Anglia Railways seven 153s. This class 153 never got repainted be for One took over. It had been given the name of Edith Cavell in 1994. As you may well know she was a nurse who helped 200 allied soldiers to freedom in Belgium in World War 1. She was then arrested and Executed.
Platform 5 and 4 started being used on the 25 June 1972 ready for when the new though lines opened on the 2nd May 1973. Most ECML down trains to Leeds and Scotland use platform four
Platform 4  and 5 were  and still is used by up and down Norwich Cambridge and Birmingham Nottingham and Liverpool trains.
Freight and passenger trains and light engines can also use platforms 4 both ways.
Platform Four is on the eastern edge of a island platform with Platform 5 is on the outer western edge.
The buildings on this island platform are of the style of architecture prevalent in the 1960's and 1970's bland and and insipid. But clean and just about fit for there use.
These two platforms are linked to the main station by a long foot bridge over the two fast lines. This footbridge was made longer when the new lines with platform 6 and 7 were put in,in 2014.
There is also a Post office bridge that was out of bounds in BR days, but is now used for push chairs and the yellow mobility truck that carries wheelchairs and old people over who can't use the stairs, as Peterborough station still had no lifts, right to up till 2014!.
Those sevices that use the March line were from 2014 moved to the new platforms 6 and 7 that have been built next platform 5 on the site of the goods loops. As part of a new platform layout at Peterborough station in 2014, some of the platforms numbers have also now been changed but platform 5 has kept the same number.
Platform 5 since 2014  (and platform 4) are still sometimes used by the Birmingham to Cambridge and Liverpool trains to Norwich trains, while the Ipswich  to Peterborough Greater Anglia train mostly  uses platform 6.
Since 2014 platforn 5 now has had a lift shared with platform 4. This has for many years been needed. Why did it take so long to get lifts put in at Peterborough station
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